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Aromancy Board houses 185 essential oils. Each oil is given a specific place according to Taoist concept of Five Elements.



Welcome to the World of Aromatic Treasures

Of our five senses, touch, taste, seeing, hearing, smell, the sense of smell is said to be connected directly to the primal emotion. For this reason or another, when we describe scents, we use words of taste like sweet and salty, and in the world of perfumery, we say "listening" and use music terms like note and harmony. Scents can bring a memory of past beyond time and space and allow us to reconnect with the self. Ancients have learned the quality of plants from their form, colour, and scents to advance their culture.

What is Aromancy?

Aromancy is a healing work focusing on spiritual-emotional health using our sense of smell as an intuitive guide. It is also a journey to the world of plant wisdoms, where we may discover who/what we are. Plant essences that we meet along the way may tell us something we need to hear. Perhaps a simple truth, or a new hope or determination.  We then create a perfume that help us to live today in joy and enable us manifest our highest potential for tomorrow. 

Aromancy is conducted as a private session. Pose a question about your life's theme or challenges, and choose out of 185 plant essences that offers an answer and create a perfume. you may take as much time as you like, but it normally takes two hours to complete a session.  ..Read Case Studies

Experience Aromancy Online 

Pictomancy is a visual version that let you experience the Aromancy intake and oil selection process. 

Learning Aromancy Online

If you are already a lover and collector of essential oils, but still can't figure out exactly what to do with them, or looking for a new way to give support to your community, Aromancy maybe a valid alternative...
















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Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic compounds of plant origin that are known to contain various degrees of chemical/medicinal properties. Aromancy is, however, not aromatherapy (French school style in particular) nor is a program to develop an aromatherapist. Essential oils are used only as “scents, or perfume” and used only at the safe level of dilution. Aromancy does not promote unsafe use of essential oils such as internal consumption.

The word “Medicine” or "Medicinal" in all articles of Aromancy publication has no association to “scientific” or “allopathic” medicine governed and practiced by qualified individuals. Aromancy does not claim to cure any medical condition, nor give any medical advice. Aromancy uses the word “medicine” or "medicinal" only in their original meaning, as the Art of Healing.

お断り書き: 精油は高濃度の芳香性化学物質であり、多種多様の薬用成分が含まれています。しかしながらアロマンシーはアロマセラピーではなく、そしてアロマセラピスト養成のプログラムでもありません。アロマンシーは精油の体内摂取をお勧めしません。これらの精油はあくまで香りの原料として、体外仕様で安全なレベルまで希釈して使われます。