Japanese speaking French and French speaking Japanese.

The couple had each their own issue to discuss, but were similar theme of career path.

She felt her life was satisfying but perhaps still missing something. He wanted to work abroad but has not made concrete action or even IT job he is on is the right career path.


When someone is settled in a secure position and generally satisfied, is there really much that needs to be done? Céline’s choice of Rose Geranium seemed perfect for its gentle feminine/Yin quality but also useful healing plant and not so strong egoism. Her choice of Camphor as a top note seemed also perfect as it is devoid of color - it’s simply there as balancing play of Yin and Yang. Then the third and only extra element was necessary to see the possible element of change. She chose Coriander seeds. All seeds can symbolize fulfillment, storing of energy, potentiality, spring (change) is yet to come. 

Keisei perhaps comes from well-to-do upbringing - observing simply from his taste for the finer things in life such as Sandalwood and Saffron. His choice of Bergamot as Earth and Jamrosa as Metal indicated that mild, take it easy nature. He neither has to fight for or fight against his take. However, adding them to Sandal and Saffron created murky, nondescript mash that was almost an insult.

Life beckons definition! Thus I asked him to choose something from Wood element.  He selected Laurel, White Sage, and Oregano. Any of them would work to clear the cloudiness, and it was matter of his decisions. To help: Laurel symbolizes pride, diligence, winning. White Sage symbolizes clarity, uncompromising determination. Oregano symbolizes optimism.













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