In Tokyo for six month on scientific research project.


Her question was if she would find contentment in her chosen path.

As this question came from someone with the top education who is given the chance to work on the most coveted research projects, I was wondering what could possibly be the reason that she would lose the joy, or from where a doubt of her worth can possibly arrive.


I led her to the horizontal axis and asked her to choose 6 oils from Earth Element and 6 oils from Wood Element and rank them according to her liking.

From the Earth She chose Spearmint as the best and Lemon the second

From the Wood She chose Thyme as best and Myrrh as the second.

From the Fire she chose Honeysuckle the best followed by Gardenia and Jasmine the reserved Iris and WhiteLotus as undecided.


I was pleased with her choices as they tell her calm and sharp mind combined with beauty, joy and resilient nature of vine flower.  These three would already make a pleasant perfume, but it wouldn’t answer her question.


What makes her doubt her future? What is she really afraid of? To find out, I asked her to do the same process in the Water Element. An interesting result on the hindsight should not have been ignored. She chose very much opposing scents as her number one and number two. Tolu is the resinoid from tropical wood with wet-sweet scent, and Moss which must survive on scarcity of water. 

Instead of taking more time to figure out the significance of these two,  I asked her to choose out of two she reserved from Fire Element.  Both Iris and White Lotus relate to the story of a scientific researcher: the "path to the glory" must be considered itself  "glorious" because once you reach there, it would not last even a day.


While these four made a pleasant yet profound perfume, I was left wondering about one’s we did not choose.  Was the answer to her question found in these plants? Perhaps, it is her intense drive to succeed will someday consume and exhaust her latent energy and no longer able to fulfill her own expectations. 
















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