In Tokyo working for Olympic 2020. 

She makes toys and would like to become children’s story writer. 

We chose six oils to give her the structure that she felt strong in as well as double creativity.

She chose Tahitian Gardenia as her flower. She is also know as Tiare, a crown on the princess. 

The Scent of Carrot seeds reminded her own crayon.

Jamrosa, as in all grass symbolizes flexibility but at the same time resilience. As grass is difficult to kill.

The Scent of Ginger was warm and calming to her.

As her father passed away before she was born, and does not get along with her mother, she never felt a sense of belonging. It was difficult for her to feel comfortable with earthy scents. But we had to have something to help her be grounded, and she found the scent of Araucaria acceptable. It is one of the oldest tree growing on the remains of Gondwana land.









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