Oriental Medicine Concepts  - Five Element Energetics

As mentioned earlier, Five Elements are cyclical energetic characteristics. For example:

Five Elements correspondence to the seasonal cycle:

Climatic tendencies, both in nature and in man:

In the life cycle of plants (farming):

In the life cycle of man:

Human Beings in Five Elements

Oriental Medicine sorts organs in types. Yin organs produce, store, regulate and transform Qi, Blood, and fluids, and Yang organs digest food and transport nutrients. Yin organs are solid, and Yang organs are hollow. Furthermore, other parts of anatomy relate with or ruled by one of the Five Elements. Furthermore, our emotions are dictated by each Element. This is an important aspect when you are conducting a consultation. You may find the cause and effect of disease; a held up emotion can damage the related organ, or vice-versa. Aromancy, working with the ethereal nature of essential oils, deals with the emotional and spiritual body. So pay attention to not only what the client says, but observe his/her behaviour and try to unmask the root cause of issues being addressed. 

*  Fire Element has extra set of organs. Pericardium is a sac around the Heart that protect it from exogenic pathogens.

**San Jiao, aka Triple Burner is a pathway for the energy that maintains bodily functions. They are important in acupuncture meridian system.

*** The function of Spleen in OM overlaps with that of Pancreas in Occidental Medicine. This confusion comes due to the fact that in the infant days of OM dissection were not performed.  It is best to think of them as a functioning unit that handles transformation of food to blood.

**** Smells listed here are not the type of smells you would associate in essential oils. It is the smell used when diagnosing a client. They are types of smell you might detect when a person may have a disease in respected organ. 


Energetic Direction of Five Element according to Aromancy  


Metal Element energetic direction is like that of leaves. Upward and reaching out to the sky to receive the energy of the sun, and spreading out to receive the energy of the air. 

Water Element energetic direction is that of roots. Downward in search of water and the firmness it provides. Or the river returning to the sea.

Earth Element energetic direction is outside to inside. Acquiring, collecting, gathering nourishment for body and soul.

Wood Element energetic direction is inside to outside. Creating, manifesting, expressing self to the world.

Fire Element energetic direction is transformational and transitory.                                         Like it’s so hot that it’s cool.  

Dotted purple line - Yin, Passive Plant Energy

Dotted Turquoise line - Yang, Active Animal Energy

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