A Story with Pine

 A young man from Russia sat with me one day. He appeared animated, and sure of himself. He didn’t have a question in his life that needed an answer. So I said, then let us talk about someone else. He has not had a good relationship with his father, and he was a little frustrated that his father was becoming out of touch with the world, and losing fire in his life, despite his relative young age. Perhaps it was more like his father did not approve of the son’s way of living. Perhaps it was the battle of the father’s way of dealing with youthful idealism that irritated his son. The son wanted to teach his father how to live.

In this case I felt to put together four oils, to make a frame in which two of them can spend time together.

First I had him explore Water Element oils.  After several oils, we came upon Valerian. This oil is not the best smell one by any stretch of imagination. Some even describe it as the smell of dirty socks. But for the first time since we started our exploration, he correctly identified the smell. I took it as the sign that this was the right oil for him in the Water Element. It fit well with the theme as well; Valerian is about work and play, survival and living in peace. He chose Tagete as the heart of his father. It is the scent of a wise person, however repulsive at times. In regards to teaching his father a lesson, there is a quality of the way to go about it.. A sample of Wood Element oils were presented, some harsh, some mild, and he chose Bupleurum. He wanted to give it to him softly. Bupleurum is a stimulating but harmonising herb treasured in Oriental medicine. Lastly we explored Metal Element. When he came upon the essence of Pine, he paused a long time. I watched him going to a space of deep memory. He told me the scent brought him back to the sauna, where he and his father had spent time, man to man, naked. 




最初に、私は彼にベースとなる水要素に連れて行きました。しばらくして彼はバレリアンと出会いました。驚いたことに、彼は匂いからその名前を当てました。私はこれが彼にとって正しいオイルであるというサインとしてそれを取りました。バレリアンの香り一般的にあまり良いと思われていません。汚れた靴下の匂いとさえ説明する人もいます。しかし、仕事と遊び、生存、そして平和な生活といったテーマ的にあっていると感じました。次に私は彼を火の要素に連れて行き、父親を思い出させる香りを探しました。彼は、タゲテ(マリーゴールド)を選びました。タゲテも、花特有の良い香りはもっていません。どちらかというとスパイシーな香りです。しかしインドでは神様に捧げる花ですので、尊敬に値する賢い香りなのでしょう。タゲテは自分をよく知っている。美しさが全てではありません。そんな父親に生き方を教えるには、それなりの知性が必要でしょう。エネルギーの方向性を変えるために木要素に向かいました。そこで選ばれたのがブプレウムでした。 漢方ではサイコと呼ばれる薬草で、刺激的ですが調和の取れた精神安定を助ける効能があります。最後に、金要素を訪れました。そして彼はパイン匂いを嗅いだ時、長い時間そこに立ち止まりました。私は彼が深い記憶の空間に行くのを感じました。彼は私に教えてくれたのは、小さい頃のよく父と一緒に入ったサウナの香りだったのです。