Ledum groenlandicum

Ericaceae - Rhododendron


SD flowering plants



Bog Labrador tea leaves are regularly used to make beverages and medicines--most commonly a fragrant tea--by many Native American tribes such as the Quinault and Makah, the Potawatomi, the Anishinaabe, the Iroquois, and First Nations tribes in Canada.[6] When European explorers arrived, they soon adopted these uses as well, dubbing it "Indian plant tea".[6] During the Revolutionary War, it was used as a substitute for tea.[6]

It is sometimes grown as an ornamental shrub.[6]

Its essential oil is popular in aromatherapy.[6]

For its traditional uses in herbal medicine, see Labrador tea.


Bog Labrador tea contains toxic alkaloids, which are poisonous to livestock and may be toxic to humans in concentrated doses.[6]


Labrador Tea

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