A teenage girl showed up with a look of distress in her eyes. She could barely speak, and when she finally opened herself up, tears began to flow. She said, she has been raped.

A silent followed. I needed to assess the situation myself, and how to proceed with the consultation. Who was the aggressor? Does she has a physical damage? Has she told anyone in her family?

As she calmed herself down, I slowly brought these questions to the table. The boy was her new friend that she liked, but he wanted to go faster than she, and she gave in unwillingly. And no, he didn’t hurt her physically, and she didn’t want to tell her family yet. Relieved that this was not a case beyond my responsibility, I offered her the most beautiful Rose I had. She loved the smell. I told her, Rose is the queen, and she knows her beauty. She doesn’t give herself up easily, and protect herself with thorns. Like Rose, you too are a queen and you are to be respected. To support the rose I chose her the sandalwood to gently be grounded, and a hint of Clove Bud to elevate the energy, which adds a bit of innocence so she doesn’t close herself down with one bad experience. 

Three was a perfect number for a young woman to live creatively. 

This was one of a few occasion when the message was clear, and needed little exploration. Rose is not the oil that I recommend to young people normally, as I associate it to be more mature scent. This was an exception.    






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