Leaving Japan after two years.

Holding together a relationship is a challenge in the best of situation, but when two people move to a foreign country things can get intense sometimes. 

So she is letting go and move back to Europe, striking out the new path on her own, and she is looking for the strength to go forward with a new hope. 

I asked her to randomly pick 20 oils out of the board. As I know there is no such thing as randomness I remarked she went straight to the center of the board where Rose Damascus waited for her.

Then out of 20 she chose Elemi, Muhuhu, Verbeine, and Tulsi. Each of them would sit tightly next to Queen Rose as if to protect her. Combined scent was predictably extreme feminine. 

I was concerned that this will not give her the strength that she was asking for, so I asked her to look further and find more masculine scents to counter the energy. 

It turned out to be one of the more difficult session as she rejected anything that she found “sharp”.

Eventually she came to compromise and chose four of them - Rosalina, Clove, Calamus and Sage.

Even though they were relatively more masculine, I was not convinced that they could improve the original Five. In fact instead of adding them I mixed these separately and let her mix the amount on her own. 

The sum result were less than original.


When someone does not wish to step out of her comfort zone, there is nothing one can do to help. 

Then I read back her initial statement, and realized that she did not ask for a change. 

She just wanted to find her own strength and her choosing Rose showed that she has always been, and always will be the Queen. 


Just like what she did in real life, I let go of the outside elements, and mixed her a new batch of original five.












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