A Story with Vetiver

 A woman came to tell me about her desire to have a baby. She has been unsuccessful so far after having two miscarriages. She has decided to resort to IVF. On physical level, she has a Kidney deficiency. Aromancy is using scents to support emotional wellness by helping to become aware of subtle reality of life. She must create a space for a new soul to feel safe, invite him and accept the responsibility for the fragile life to prosper. At first I asked her to go through Fire Element to find her baby… (She chose White Lotus) Now she need a house that he feels safe in. 4 is the number of the house. We chose Rose Geranium for dealing with the change, Bergamot, green citrus leaves for fresh growth, Cyprus for protection and cleanliness, and Vetiver for the baby to take root in her womb. With the baby White Lotus surrounded by other four looked already like a baby arms and legs but no head. So we added Ginger to give extra warmth.