A mature woman came into the shop I was working, looking for Tarot cards. She was interested in what I was offering, and agreed for a consultation. She shared with me about her men problem, that her current boyfriend had been freshly separated, and he was not very committed to a relationship with her. She felt insecure and did not know what to do. This was a classic case of Yin side of self not being able to come to term with the action of others, and attacking the self on Yang side. Everyone has free will as a birthright. In any relationship, there is nothing you can do if your partner decides to give less than you wish to receive. No option but letting go of your expectation, otherwise your frustration and disappointment will attack your Yang side, your Earth and Metal  become worried, and angry, and turn to compulsive behaviours that are ultimately damaging to everyone. Without any judgement I offered her first to look into Fire Element to know her heart. Out of many she explored she chose Rose and Champaca as her favourite, showing her sweetness and fragility. Next she explored Metal Element, her connection to others. She chose Cajeput and Litsea. Both oils are rather gentle oils for Metal Element, suggesting she does not put up much fight. Her choices for Water Element, Tonka and Rose Geranium continued this trend. She was a total feminine. These choices convinced me that she does not need to look into Earth Element, and I already had a feeling that the combined oil will be heavy and murky. We needed something that would change the outcome. Wood Element oils were perhaps most difficult for her, here too, she chose the beautiful oil of Laurel. Finally I introduce her to White Sage, and somehow she were able to accept it. The time came to blending. As each selection were added to the mix, it got less and less defined. Her expression mirrored mine. Seventh one, the beautiful Laurel, nearly killed it. A nondescript sweetness turned into murky mash. “If this is how it ends, well, that is the lesson”, I thought. But White Sage saved the day. Only a few tiny drops cleared the mist, and we were able to detect the family of scents individually, and it was all beautiful again.











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