“I got transferred to Tokyo for my job two years ago. First 7-8 months were difficult as I did not speak the language and also Japanese colleagues were not too happy that non-Japanese person like I was taking a senior position. It’s been two years and I’ve got used to it, but still not easy having a social life. Now the company is offering me to move to Shanghai. A part of me wants a new challenge, and it maybe easier socially going to China, another side of me thinks staying Tokyo is better health-wise.”

I decided to play present-future. For this I asked her to pick 20 randomly, and separated them into Yins and Yangs. Then I asked her to repeat the process with another 20.

She defined Yang as spicy scents, and Yin as softer, gentler scents, adding that she prefer softer scents but always buy more spicy perfume.

I asked her to choose one out of each element for her current self, and anther for her wishful self. 

Her current self were full of “spicy” note. 

Metal: Fragonia is for her from unfamiliar territory, thus must be alert.

Earth: Needing Coffee for stimulation

Fire Element: Jasmine symbolizing her working/living for “community”

Wood: Majoram for decisions she needs to make…she called it confusing.

Water: Valerian… needing calmness?

In her ideal life she would have:

Metal: Ho Leaf - More familiar camphor scents - uplifting

Earth: Yuzu - Citrus scents that gives off lightness

Fire: Rose - deserving respect.

Wood: Coriander - being easy, clear, familiar

Water; Calm ocean

Finally I asked her to compose the 5 out of two selves and  define somewhere between the ideal and the reality. She changed her inner state to the ideal but kept the exterior the same.


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